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Could you please note that Mrs Wilson WILL NOT be selling club books this year as she is moving house.

Club books will be available from the club secretary

We need to increase our Cormorants shooting licence in order to do this we need anglers to send in time and dates of cormorants sightings on the River Trent at Collingham. We need as much evidence, even photos of these sightings especially when a flock are together.

Please Click here to email Evidence

Collingham Angling Association would like to point out that the River Trent and Fleet is closed for any form of Angling from March 15th until 16th June.

The committee of Collingham Angling Association would like to express their appreciation in the prompt action of the Environment Agency in dealing with anglers fishing illegally on the River Trent during the closed season on 4th of May 2015.

Please note that the River Trent temporary membership is to stay the same at £5.00 per day collected by our bailiff on the day.

There is now a further temporary membership charge of £5.00 for overnight anglers who are camping out for the night

Match dates

River Trent  Match Bookings

DATE                      NAME                                        PEGS

17/06/2016          TIM LAWRENCE                     1A-9

18/06/2016          TIM LAWRENCE                     1A-9

19/06/2016          ANDY SMALLWOOD             1A-9

19/06/2016          COLLINGHAMAA                   190-245

24/06/2016          J WEST                                       1A-9

25/06/2016          LEE PENMAN                          1A-9

25/06/2016          LINCOLN JUNIORS                74-84

25/06/2016          COCKED HAT                           88-102

26/06/2016          LEE PENMAN                          1A-9

01/07/2016          IAN WOOLRIDGE                   1A-9

02/07/2016          IAN WOOLRIDGE                   1A-9

08/07/2016          JOHN PRIDMORE                  1A-9

09/07/2016          CONISBOROUGH A C           1A-9

10/07/2016          NOSTELL MINERS A C          1A-9

10/07/2016          COLLINGHAMAA                   40-70

12/07/2016          TREVOR GENTRY                   1A-9

13/07/2016          JOHN WATERFIELD               1A-9

14/07/2016          JOHN WATERFIELD               1A-9

15/07/2016          MARK ABEY                             1A-9

16/07/2016          MARK ABEY                             1A-9

18/07/2016          MARTIN DOWLING              1A-9

19/07/2016          MARTIN DOWLING              1A-9

23/07/2016          SVEN WINSON                       1A-9

23/07/2016          COCKED HAT                           236-250

24/07/2016          DARLASTON A C                    134-153

24/07/2016          COLLINGHAMAA                   235-255

25/07/2016          PAUL HUNT                             1A-9

26/07/2016          PAUL HUNT                             1A-9

29/07/2016          MARK ELLIS                             1A-9

29/07/2016          ROYAL FISHING CLUB          136-160

06/08/2016          STEVE LAW                              1A-9

07/08/2016          INDIVIDUAL NATIONAL

13/08/2016          LEE PENMAN                          1A-9

14/08/2016          NOSTELL MINERS A C          134-145

14/08/2016          LEE PENMAN                          1A-9

20/08/2016          NATIONAL

21/08/2016          COLLINGHAMAA                   134-180

26/08/2016          CHRIS RAINBOW                   1A-9

27/08/2016          CHRIS RAINBOW                   1A-9

27/08/2016          CLIPSTONE A C                       61-80

02/09/2016          JAMIE EDMONDS                  1A-15

03/09/2016          JAMIE EDMONDS                  1A-15

05/09/2016          JOHN PRIDMORE                  1A-9

06/09/2016          JOHN PRIDMORE                  1A-9

10/09/2016          LINCOLN JUNIORS                236-245

17/09/2016          SVEN WINSON                       1A-9

10/09/2016          COCKED HAT                           84-98

18/09/2016          COLLINGHAMAA                   70-90+160-180

23/09/2016          JOHN MOTT                            1A-9

24/09/2016          JOHN MOTT                            1A-9

24/09/2016          SEAN BUCKLE                         10-26




Collingham Weir

River Trent Collingham from Cromwell weir downstream on east bank to Collingham parish boundary’s, (approve 305 pegs). Omitting a short stretch at jolly Barge.

How to get to Carlton Ferry Lane Pegs 51-305 From Newark on Trent Click Here

How to get to Carlton Ferry Lane Pegs 51-305 From Dunham on Trent Click Here

How to get to Westfield Lane Pegs 1A-51(Weir Field) From Newark on Trent Click Here

How to get to Westfield Lane Pegs 1A-51(Weir Field) From Dunham on Trent Click Here



The success and growth of the association is a result of many hours of hard work and tireless effort by local anglers with a common interest.

The backbone being developed by residents in the village and surrounding area and support of local farmers.

The aim of our game is to promote fair angling and protect the country side, improve our skills to catch more fish and enjoy ourselves with fellow anglers !!

Our playground is the Tidal Trent below Cromwell weir and some of the local reclaimed gravel workings.

The Lower River Trent at Collingham was once the match angler’s Paradise. However, these days it’s the place to go if you want to bag up with barbel. Long gone are the days when you could “frame”with nets of roach and chub in a mixed bag or depend on the skimmers and slabs net. You can run a groove with a stick float and catch but not on a level playing field. Take your casters, maggots and hemp but boilies and pellets are a must.

Specimen hunters love the place, but so do plenty of ‘in the know’ pleasure anglers and match men, all of whom have barbel on the brain! Not to mention “catfish”

The Trent below Collingham weir is tidal and although the rise and fall of water twice per day is fairly slight and it is still noticeable but does vary in both time of the day and height. Viewing the fairly featureless stretch below the bubbling white water “the oven” of the weir pool is a daunting prospect. Think big and positive.